The #Prophet ﷺ said, "When Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened." (Bukhari)

When was the last time you experienced A POWERFUL Salah?
“Successful indeed are the believers, those who humble themselves in their prayers” [Qur’an – 23:1-2]
Unlock the many beautiful virtues of Salah and develop a deeper connection with Allah ﷻ.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve thought about increasing concentration in your salah!

Does any of this sound familiar:
  • Do you feel you are on autopilot in your prayer? All motion, but no emotion?
  • ​Your praying and suddenly you realise you don't know where you are in your prayer "what raka’ah are we on again?"
  • You glance at the clock to see how many minutes we have left to pray "Why is the imam taking so long?"
  • When you hear the Adhan you think "Why now? I have so much work to do!”
It happens to all of us!
It’s tough to know where to start, what to do to increase focus and when to begin.
But now it's time to do something about it!
Imagine if you could:
  • Maintain a solid connection with your creator throughout the day. 
  • Have your sins washed away and forgiven. 
  • Keep away from immorality and evil deeds.
  • ​​Build a connection and deeply engage with Allah again and again.
  • Help yourself and your family transform their lives and achieve success in this life and the next.
I'm here to share some great news!
My name is Asif Uddin
I’ve created AN online courses for YOU TO Develop a deeper connection with Allah!
Salah has so many virtues and so many rewards but we still do it just as an obligation!
Very few of us truly enjoy our prayers.
Let us learn how to connect and keep our hearts alive in our prayers and feel the sweetness of prayer!
This course will try to enlighten the heart and hopefully help you to ENJOY OUR SALAAH Insha'Allah!
What you will learn?
  • ​How to gain more focus (khushoo) in your prayer 
  • ​The wisdom behind each of the different positions in salah 
  • Practical tips to help you focus on what you are doing and saying
  • ​Ways to increase eagerness and reduce laziness for the prayer
From before you begin to perform wudu all the way until after you say your final ‘Salaam’, the course provides easy guidelines that will prepare you for the ultimate performance once you step on to the prayer mat.
Ustadh Asif Uddin was born and raised in the UK and has been heavily involved in the Dawah from the time he was at university. He is a keen Student of Knowledge and has studied the Islamic sciences in Mauritania, Egypt and Qatar, and continues that journey today. Asif is the presenter for the popular online video series 'juz by juz' - taking you through some of the main points of reflection in the Quran. He also gives weekly circles on Aqeedah and Tafseer and is a lecturer for Sabeel (MRDF) and Chief Editor at
    Allah (SWT) has blessed me with the opportunity to work with some of the best organisations in the world!

    Prayers that we perform have many benefits to our body, soul, and social life.
    Following are some of the benefits that praying brings us:

    Ensures the remembrance of Allah in the best way

    “Truly in the remembrance of God do hearts find peace.” That is because remembering Allah that we love the most and mentioning His name stills our troubled souls, expands our chests, and relaxes our hearts. The best way to remember God is to perform salah. Each prayer that we perform reminds us our creator. Thus, praying is a valuable gift that Allah (SWT) had offered us. Our beloved Prophet knew the value of this gift and seized every opportunity to pray. He expressed the happiness and peace that he experienced in praying, saying: “My happiness is in the prayers.”

    Reminds us of the hereafter and meeting Allah

    Prayers that are performed consciously and carefully remind us of Allah, the hereafter, and the Day of Judgment five times a day. As we remember the hereafter and the Day of Judgment, we stay away from evil. We would not harm or be unjust to anyone. There are many things in the world that make us forgetful of the hereafter. People who forget the hereafter, who do not think that they will render an account of their actions would do anything for their own benefits. For this reason, there should be a warner for people that reminds them of the hereafter. 

    Purifies us from sins

    Prayer time is the time of meeting with our Creator. As we pray, we know that we are in front of our Almighty Creator. If we contemplated committing a sin, we would change our mind by thinking of praying and being in front of Allah. By this, we would purify our hearts from evil feelings and thoughts and other parts of our body such as our hands and tongues from wrongdoings.

    Improves our character

    Praying is a good chance for us to realise our wrongdoings and sins and ask for Allah’s forgiveness by repenting from them. By means of praying, we ask our Creator to pardon us and forgive us. We stand in front of Allah five times a day, mindful that He knows of everything that we have done, and we pay more attention to our deeds.

    Makes our day more fruitful and blessed

    When we regularly perform our salah, we schedule our day according to the prayer times. We even wake up before sunrise and start our day earlier. By this, we take advantage of our Prophet’s prayer: “My Lord! Let the early hours of my Community be fruitful.” With the noon and late afternoon prayers that are performed at the busiest hours of the day, we remember God and relax our souls. We take a break with prayer, mentally relax and regain energy for our work. With the Sunset and Night Prayers, we reflect on the day and go to bed with the peace of performing our responsibilities.

    Gives us the habit of purity

    When we make wudu in order to perform a prayer, we clean parts of our body that get dirty the most in our daily life. We pay attention to our body, our clothes, and the place we perform the prayer to make sure they are clean. By making ablution a few times daily, we clean our hands, face, and feet. We gain the habit of remaining clean.
    Most importantly salah helps purify our souls!

    Once our Prophet (PBUH) asked his Companions:

    What do you say? If there is a river in front of the house of one you and if that person takes a bath in that river five times a day, would there be any filth left on him?

    The Companions said:
    There would not be any filth left on him.

    Our Prophet said:
    “Praying five times a day is just like that. Allah forgives our sins through our five daily ritual prayers.” (Bukhari)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for anyone who wants to unlock the many beautiful virtues of Salah and ultimately develop a deeper connection with their lord, Allah ﷻ. This course will help you transform your Salah and achieve peace and closeness to Allah ﷻ.

    What exactly do I get when I sign up?

    The course is broken down into bitesize videos so you can view them at your own pace. Course notes that you can refer back to any time in the future. The course has been deliberately presented in a non-academic fashion. However the tips included still remain highly practical with references from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and also include some light hearted examples and anecdotes to appeal to a wider audience.

    How much are the enrollment fees?

    The course fee is usually sold for £29. However before and during Ramadan it is sold at a massive 66% discount at only £9.99! Remember, your money will help us reach more people and make more impact with our work, insha'Allah. 100% money back, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Will I learn how to pray?

    This course is not a fiqh course and will not cover the rules of salah. You will be taught about the beautiful virtues of Salah and develop a deeper connection with Allah .

    Hear what others have to say:


    After converting to Islam in 2017, I truly felt a deep connection to Allah through pray, dhikr and duaa. This course has increase my connection furtherstill alhmadulila.


    Khushoo is a very important condition of prayer to us all. I did find myself drifting sometimes during prayer, but this course has help me to stay on track. I use it like a tool I always go back to.


    I feel so bad for the times I've missed prayer. But now I feel bad for not focusing knowing I am standing before Allah, and he is waiting to respond to me, but my focus is elsewhere!
    customer satisfaction guarantee
    100% risk free - money back - full refund
    My #1 priority is your happiness and satisfaction. Which means I stand by my product 100%, no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no buts. If you aren't satisfied, whatever your reason, I'll offer a FULL refund. I'm here to help you increase your connect to Allah insha'Allah. 
    What are you waiting for?

    The perfect time to take the course, before Ramadan end.

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